About Us

About Us

SHEER SUGA is an online boutique retail brand that caters to brown and black women worldwide with high-quality everyday essentials. Our collection of lifestyle products provides four shades of nude boob tape, pasties, hosiery and swimwear for women of various shapes and sizes, from XS to 2XL.

Inspired by Caribbean Carnivals, Sheer Suga is dedicated to celebrating diversity. 

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Why We Exist

SHEER SUGA aims to provide affordable solutions catering to brown and black women’s needs. The ambition is to have a well-curated mix of women’s accessories, undergarments and lifestyle products that form the foundation of women’s wardrobes. Our mission is to enable every woman to feel and look her best.

In fashion, the word ‘nude’ has commonly been associated with the colour ‘beige’. This has meant that women of colour struggle to find their own shade in mainstream retailers. Imagine if there were more brands that catered to brown and black women diligently? This is where the opportunity lies. SHEER SUGA is perfectly positioned to create a name for ourselves as a brand that understands what black and brown women want and need.