Choosing your colour:

We have five distinct shades all true to their names, so you are sure to find your perfect match.

For darker complexions with cool and warm undertones we recommend Brownie, for medium to dark complexions Fudge or Caramel is best with warm undertones and for lighter complexions with neutral and cool undertones Butterscotch or Treacle our lightest.

Their mix of natural tones creates a flawless finish with every style.

For inspiration head over to our Instagram page @sheersuga

Choosing your size:

We currently carry two sizing options- One Size Fits for ladies 5'1" - 5'11" and 110 lbs - 185 lbs and Suga Plus for ladies 2X- 3X, 5'1" - 6'1" and 180 lbs - 215 lbs.

Shipping and Returns:

UK/ London Shipping

We aim for all UK/ London orders to be delivered within 5 working days via Royal Mail 2nd class postage.

International Orders

Depending on the country, international orders may take between 7-10 working days for delivery via Royal Mail international postage.


Unfortunately due to hygiene reasons, returns will not be accepted unless the wrong item has been sent to you. In this instance please email us and return the item unopened in its original packaging.

How to wear fishnet stockings:

Our Sheer Suga stockings are very durable and offer great elasticity. Be sure to exercise caution when putting on your fishnet stockings as they tear easily due to their holes.

We advise you prepare hands and legs by removing all jewellery/ accessories, being careful with fingernails to avoid snagging and using body lotions/ cream as it allows the stockings to slide on easier and helps with irritation.

  1. Hold the fishnets at the waistband with your thumbs inside and slowly gather one leg till you reach the toe.

  2. Put one foot into the leg of the stocking, positioning toes and heels , then slowly pull up to your knee. Repeat with other leg.

  3. Gently unroll the fishnets, sliding up the legs over your thighs and bum. Adjust waist band as necessary.

  4. Finish by adding a few squats/ legs stretches to prepare the tights for movement and allow it to naturally fit your figure.


Tips- For added comfort we recommend wearing socks before putting on your stockings.

For a hidden look under low rise/ strappy bottom pieces we recommend adding a few stitches to secure waist band to inside of bottom.

For extra coverage/ support wear you tights as a high waist under your bottom piece.


How to apply Nipple Pasties:     

  1. Ensure breasts are clean, dry & free from oils, moisturisers, lotions or powders

  2. Remove the white backing cover, position as required over the nipple & press firmly in place. Be sure to smooth it out for even application

* To remove- gently peel away from the skin. Luke warm water or baby oil can also be used to loosen adhesive.