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Currently we stock four different styles of stockings that are a great choice for carnivals, festivals, clubbing and adding a flawless to everyday outfits.

Glitter are small weave fishnets mixed with golden Lurex fibers for a shimmery finish.

Nude are plane small weave fishnets with a matt finish.

Diamond are small weave matt fishnets accented with rhinestones for a bling finish.

Suga Plus are full plus size sheer tights for ladies with a little added sugar. There is tremendous amounts of elasticity so other ladies can also use at their discretion.

All styles are available in the five shades of nude we carry; For darker complexions with cool and warm undertones we recommend Brownie, for medium to dark complexions Fudge or Caramel is best with warm undertones and for lighter complexions with neutral and cool undertones Butterscotch or Treacle.


In 2019 we will also be expanding our product range to include intimate wear!

Skin Tone Nipple Pasties

Go bra-less with complete confidence using our skin coloured pasties. Our flower shaped nipple pasties  are soft and comfortable offering a discrete smooth look. They are a mix of flat colour with a patterned shimmer finish, perfect under tight fitting or sheer clothing and risqué costumes.

Available in Dark for our Brownie ladies, Medium for Caramel and Fudge ladies or Light for Treacle and Butterscotch ladies.